Everything is broken, nothing works anymore

Thomas Körner wants to find new forms for language, he uses formulas or graphics.

On the subject of “Everything is broken, nothing works anymore” he finds the following presentation:

You can find the above formula in the Fragment of the Book First Box card file (0170)

Through the triangle the author sets terms in relation to each other, which characterize for him the generic term: he calls sex, show and politics as qualities of the narrative voice barbaroccan cabaretism (with the abbreviation brk) and eros, poetry and the universe serve to characterize the voice of the commentless realism, abbreviation klr (both are neologisms created by Thomas Körner):

Fragment of the Book First Box (0232)

The narrative voices brk and klr are characterized by the graphic representation of the triangles, and the § signs stand as § I (producing) for the Fragment of the People and § II (consuming) for the Fragment of the State. With these diagrams, Körner characterizes in a simple way complex relationships between the narrative voices brk and klr and the contents of the Fragments of the People and State.

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