Fragmentary Novel

The novel The Land of All Evil by Thomas Körner can be read in any order. It consists of nine fragments.

There is no requirement to start reading the novel at a special first page or a first chapter. There is also no closed end, each of the nine fragments has an open end. The writer Thomas Körner chosed the language of and in the GDR, which was influenced by the ideology of socialism / Marxism and therefore you can say it is a restricted language. As well as Körner says the system of GDR was like a vacuole, a closed shop. Two narrative voices, one seems to be more realistic and factual, that is called the commentless realist klr and the other voice is more ironically, the barbaric cabaret artist brk, have their say and dissect the language of the party and the media such as television, radio and journal press. In theater scenes, word and reading games, Körner tries to seduce the reader into an attentive, in-depth reading.

The nine fragments are presented under the corresponding generic term »fragments«. Körner develops his own poetics for his readers. He addsnew meanings to specified concepts in order to show the reader how to remove old meaning and replace it by new meaning. Click here for the online fragmentary novel The Land of all Evil