Reading game of the general assembly (of the party SED)

In this reading game, which takes place on a kind of game board, the discussing persons throw their statement on a playing card into the middle of the game table like in a card game.
They have four-letter codes such as NECK or WULB, whose full names are easily recognized as Honecker and Walter Ulbricht. But there are also codes which are more difficult to interpret.
In the foreground they act according to the rules of socialist game theory, they talk about the five-year plan. Georg Klaus, the cybernetics pope of the GDR, appears as an expert. But actually only fermentation bubbles come out of the cards (of the party members), because it seems nobody really understands what they are talking about.

At the end of the very extensive reading game with more than 50 moves WULB hands over the power to NECK.

But play or read the game yourself:

The discussion of the party members starts here.