Excursion 1: Recent Texts from Thomas Körner

d r ü b e n oder erinnerungen an ein tollhaus / Over there or Memories of a Madhouse

The term “over there” is known to every former West German, that meant East Germany, at the time of the GDR.

The title suggests that this is probably a lost, all known land “Das Land aller Übel”.

There was even a separate calendar in the vacuole of the GDR : before and ndm – nach den maßnahmen means after the (forced) measures.

Have fun reading this.

This is the latest text by Thomas Körner, published in 2017. He describes how propaganda in the GDR worked, but in the narrative voices of the commentless realist or rather barbaric cabaret artist. Which one is used you have to decide yourself.

The excerpt above is taken from page 4 of Part I of the Toll House Memoirs. Here you get to part II of the memories of a madhouse by Thomas Körner, 2017 and part III. Whereby you can relate many of his “memories” to the present. There are still many vacuolities, in states, in minds …